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QUEEN CITY KIZOMBA presents the 3RD EDITION OF QUEEN CITY KIZOMBA & ZOUK FESTIVAL, which focuses on Kizomba, but also incorporates Zouk and Bachata.

QUEEN CITY KIZOMBA & ZOUK FESTIVAL is specifically designed to educate and inspire everyone about Kizomba.  The festival’s goal is to promote unity and diversity in Charlotte and surrounding communities, as well as encouraging Kizomba and non-Kizomba dancers to participate in a variety of workshops and socials.

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of music and dance originating in Angola.  It is usually danced by family membuers.  With hugs and embraces, family members take different steps around the dance floor according to the depiction of the music.  The word “kizomba” means “Come dance” or “Come party” in the “Kimbundu” language of Angola.

A local Charlottean thought to bring a Kizomba festival to Charlotte after visiting Paris, France on numerous occasion. He observed how many people came together to dance kizomba, how people embraced the culture (Traditional Kizomba), and how people became creative in their unique styles (Urban Kiz).

This festival brings together local, national and international instructors, who teach dances such as Kizomba, Zouk, Semba, Afrohouse, Bachata, Tarraxinha and Soukous, while demonstrating different types of musicality, styling, beats and techniques from beginner to advanced level.

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