We are thrilled to bring to Charlotte top USA Kizomba Artists

Miguel & Susana, Portugal |Semba


Both were born in Lisboa, Portugal.

Miguel started dancing Afro-Brazilian Dances and Capoeira at the age of 16. Kizomba came into his life in a early age because of all the angolan cultural influences that was around him in his youth.

He learned to dance with his angolan friends but he has as a reference the Mestre Petchu, because of all he represents, not only as a dancer but also as someone who cares about how the angolan culture is passed on.

In 2008 Miguel met Susana Amado in a dance school called BSM Academia when Miguel wanted to learn Salsa and after 3 years of dancing together they started teaching Kizomba and Semba. Susana Amado is a dancer since she was 10, dancing Portuguese Typical Dances.

Today we teach workshops and give shows arround Europe and is our goal to give people our prespective of Kizomba and Semba.

Eddy & Lucia, All Time Favs | Kizomba/Semba

Lúcia has been dancing Kizomba for about 8 years, but really began her ascension to Kizomba royalty in 2012 when she competed in the AfricaDancar.  In addition to dancing Kizomba, Semba & other dance styles, Lucia is also well versed in Salsa, Hip-hop & West Coast Swing. Her teaching style incorporates a significant respect for the cultural roots of both Kizomba & Semba.

Eddy Vents is a master Kizomba and Semba instructor who lives in London (since 2009), and is also the founder of Pitanga Dance Company. He’s originally from West Africa (Guinea Bissau) and grew up in Portugal. He is known all over the world for teaching the history, music and fundamentals of the dance.

Oscar B.A, Washington DC | Kizomba


Oscar B.A is one of the pioneer ambassadors of Kizomba in the US.  Currently based in the Washington, DC area, he has taught Kizomba
workshops in some of the biggest Latin Dance festivals including The DC Bachata Festival, Flirt Seattle, Reno Winter Bachata Festival. A sought after nonpareil dance instructor, he has been invited to run Kizomba boot camps by dance companies in Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Reno, NV and more. Oscar currently teaches the longest running Kizomba dance classes in the DC, MD and VA
Metropolitan area.

Oscar’s career spans over 16 years of dancing, choreographing and instructing several dance disciplines. With roots in African dance,
hip hop and Latin movement, Oscar founded the premier dance company Ollover! in his native home, Kenya, and went on to revolutionize arts
and entertainment not only in Kenya, but in the surrounding region of east and central Africa. In the US he added to his repertoire American
style ballroom, and rhythm and Latin dances.  From the bolero and Viennese waltz to traditional African dance and the hustle, from hip hop choreography and bachata to merengue and Kizomba, Oscar B.A. is a master dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer.

Chamalo & Myrthe, Amsterdam| Urban Kiz



Leo & Catherine, Brazil | Zouk

Leonardo Bilia and Catherine Pereira, both Brazilians Dancers, have been working together since 2011, with a special focus on Zouk and Tango. Lately, they have presented their signature style – Melodic Zouk – with workshops all around São Paulo, in the Netherlands, New York City, London, Las Vegas, and more.

Leonardo Bilia is a teacher, dancer, performer and choreographer with over eighteen years of experience. Besides dancer, he is graduated in Business Administration. His business skills and passion for dance led him to open his own Dance School in 2006 in Campinas, Brazil, where he was named the best dance teacher in Campinas, for 5 years in a row (2011-2015). 

Leonardo presents classes in zouk, tango, samba, salsa, forró and many others, experienced in teaching around 16 countries. Thoughtfully he analyzes body movement, investigates the lead and follow techniques. He applies his insights in the way of feeling different songs, teaching and helping students to absorb information according to their own perceptions and life experiences.

Catherine is a Ballet Dancer over twenty years. She is graduated in Biological Sciences and also has experience working as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer in a Company in São Paulo, travelling and performing throughout Brazil. During her youth as a ballerina, Catherine was awarded in the most important Dance Festivals along Brazil, both as a soloist and as a corps de ballet. She won two Best Ballerina awards around Campinas, achieved the best grade in the Exam of the National School of Cuba among all students in 2013 placed in São Paulo and she was the Principal of a Ballet piece in 2014 around Campinas as well.

Catherine has started her Latin Dance studies with Leonardo Bilia, being trained by him in all styles. Right at the beginning, she was invited to join the Leonardo Bilia Dance Company, performing and competing in a Zouk, Salsa and Tango team. Recently, they were recognized as Top 5 Best Teachers at “Las Vegas Kizomba, Bachata, Zouk e Salsa Festival 2016”.

Kimberly Nicole, N. Carolina | Tarraxahina


Kimberly Nicole is the founder of Kizomba RDU, and has been instrumental in growth of the Kizomba scene across the Carolinas. She was first introduced to Kizomba in 2012 while attending a festival in Toronto. Since then she has traveled extensively to learn and train from some of the best Kizomba instructors from around the world, most recently training with Mestre Petchu and Vanessa (Portugual) and Lucia Nogueira. She has certificates in Kizomba and Semba dancing, and has over 120  hours in instructor training. She teaches weekly classes, holds socials and host events with visiting instructors in the Raleigh-Durham area.

 Kimberly Nicole has had a passion for dance since childhood. She began dancing at age three and continued her studies throughout high school and college. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Kimberly Nicole focused her earlier training on jazz, tap, and ballet, later expanding to hip-hop and modern. For several years, she performed and competed both locally and regionally as a member of one of Western New York’s premiere dance studios, as well as choreographed routines for herself and others competing in local pageants throughout Western New York. She later went on to minor in Dance Studies in college.

 As a young adult, Kimberly Nicole has broadened her dance repertoire outside of formal studio training and has fallen in love with Afro & Latin social dancing – salsa (on1 and on2), bachata, cha cha, and now Kizomba, Tarraxinha and Semba.

Kiki, Philly | Afrohouse

Kiki Elsilencio was born and raised In Togo and is a Togolese actor, model, educator and dancer. He grew up dancing Afrobeats and zouk.  In 2014, he discovered Kizomba and immediately fell in love with it. Since then, he’s been learning the culture and dancing none stop up to now.

To distant himself from others, and in order to be able to teach the culture of Kizomba/semba, he took many workshops and privates from top notch national and international dance instructors. He finally started teaching Kizomba/Semba and Afrobeats in 2016 and partnered with Alize Kizomba. They both have taught in Boston, NY, and Philly, just to mention few. Kiki is ready to transmit the culture in which he was born and raised (afrobeats), Kizomba and semba to the world.

Solange, N. Carolina | Afrohouse

Born in Paris from Beninese parents, Solange Ahoudji began to appreciate dance at the age of 7 in ballet. A short time after she migrated into modern jazz and contemporary studying with European instructors for 15 years.

At the age of 22 she became afounding member of a French contemporary company called “Embiance”, a fusion of afro, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. She performed with Embiance Dance Company for 5 years performing across Europe.  At the age of 25, Solange moved to the United States and settled in Winston Salem North Carolina where she fell in love with Afro Cuban style and developed a friendship and dance partnership with Steven Messina. Together they co-founded DK company where she taught Afro Cuban, Afrobeats and performed at various festivals and schools. She left DK company at the beginning of 2016 after moving to Charlotte where she continued her passion for teaching the Afro style of dancing at numerous workshops in Canada, New Jersey, South Carolina and throughout North Carolina. Today, she shares and spreads her incredible energy with her Afrobeat and AfroHouse workshops all over North America.

Saley, New York | Kizomba


Saley International is a natural, self-taught dancer. His love for Kizomba emerged at a very early age in Senegal, where he was exposed to a variety of African dances. He gained his strong foundations while living in Paris, and continues to grow as a dancer and instructor by seeking every opportunity to learn.

He has traveled to many destinations looking to master his craft, as dance is part of his identity. With a deep understanding of the dance, and a great ability to break it down, Saley has been committed to providing high training to his students, in group classes or private sessions over the past couple of years. His goal is to train his students to become skilled social dancers that exhibit elegance while maintaining the authenticity of the dance.

DJ Guelas | Georgia


DJ, performer, African music educator and festival promoter, DJ Guelas (pronounced Geh-Luss) is a native of Lisbon, Portugal with strong cultural roots in the Cabo Verde Islands, West Africa. With more than 20 years of experience in the music business, DJ Guelas is a respected name in the world of Kizomba, Afro-House, Zouk, Semba, Funana, and Coladera. He has brought these genres of African music to audiences at numerous festivals and clubs in countries such as Brasil, Australia, Luxembourg, Italy, Mexico, England and Germany.

As an original member of the award nominated Lights Out DJs, Guelas has released over 10 Cds featuring artists like Suzana Lubrano and Ali Angel. Guelas is a founding member of the Miami Beach Kizomba Festival (MBKF), an annual four-day event that brings thousands of people together from across the world for workshops, aimed at promoting and educating music and dance lovers about African culture. Guelas truly believes music and dance tell a people’s story, and in this case, the rich cultural history of African people, particularly those from Cabo Verde and Angola.

His passion is to bring this unique history to the world as well as pass on the knowledge he has gained in the profession to younger generations of DJs and festival promoters. When he’s not performing at international music festivals or working on his next studio project, DJ Guelas practices his craft at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

DJ Just Jacob | Illinois


Just Jacob is a Chicago-based artist, producer, DJ, and CEO of Just Jacob Ventures LLC.  Here is DJ Jacob’s Djing credentials:

Major Festival Appearances With International Talent:

  • Montreal Salsa Convention 2017 – DJ and instruction for kizomba and zouk
  • Nashville Dance Congress 2017 – DJ for kizomba, zouk, bachata, and salsa
  • Chicago Salsa Bachata Festival 2016 & 2017 – DJ for kizomba and zouk, lead DJ for kizomba ballroom
  • Orlando International Kizomba Festival 2016 & 2017 – DJ for kizomba
  • Chicago International Salsa Congress 2016 – DJ for kizomba
  • DCBX 2016 – DJ for kizomba and zouk
  • Afro Summer Love Festival 2016 – DJ for kizomba
Regional Festival & Event Appearances:
  • Chicago Zouk Weekender 3.0 2017 – Lead organizer and DJ for zouk (forthcoming, October 2017)
  • Unleash Your Spirit Kizomba with Charles Ogar & Ronie Saleh 2017 – Lead organizer and DJ plus instruction for kizomba on Chicago leg of tour
  • Ramalho’s in Chicago Zouk Weekender 2017 – Co-organizer and lead DJ for zouk
  • Chicago Zouk Weekender Spring Awakening 2017 – Co-organizer and lead DJ for zouk
  • SF Zouk Weekender 2017 – DJ and instruction for zouk
  • Greg & Tania AfroKiz Chicago 2016 – Lead organizer and DJ for kizomba
  • KizMi in Chicago with Yesi & Eddy 2016 – Lead organizer and DJ for kizomba
  • Chicago’s French Kiz Weekend with Audi & CeeJay – Lead organizer and DJ for kizomba
  • KizMet Cinci 2016 – DJ for kizomba


Miguel & Susana (Portugal)
Chamalo & Myrthe (Amsterdam) – Kizomba World Champ (2016)
Eddy Vents & Lúcia (All Time Favorites ) UK
Oscar B. A, Washington, DC
Kimberly Nicole (N. Carolina)
Kiki (Philly)

Solange (N. Carolina)

Saley International (New York)


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